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Jordans 2

What a pity I miss seeing all those gorgeous knits! Thanks for sharing the photos.


very beautiful indeed!



hi Erin, good to see you´re back. luckily experience shows that most hard times end one way or another. your vest looks great, beautiful colours. I´m still waiting to see the sweater for your husband, I have also decided to make one for my dearest one, it´s slowly taking form in my mind. I haven´t knitted him anything since I made him an Aran cable sweater when I was pregnant with our daughter (she is now 14). he wore it to pieces some years ago, so he deserves another one. the picture in my head is fair-isle knitting in 4-5 colours, probably won´t start it though until spring or summer, so many things on my list before that.
best from Iceland


Hi Erin-

Just wondering (if you don't mind my asking!) what size you made and how many skeins you used? I'm making the 36" and I bought 4 of each color and I'm a bit nervous about running out. I'm starting to think I should have bought one more of the cinnamon and one less of the nutmeg!


WOW! That looks great! Now I can be very excited for how mine's going to come out since we're using the same exact colors! It fits you perfectly. This gives me inspiration to pick mine back up again. Great work!


oh my gosh, Erin! It's incredible! It looks so good on you!


Great job, Erin! It is sooo cool, as I said on the KAL-blog, I really really like the colors... I can't wait to get started with mine...


Wow that is a beautiful vest! I'm speechless other than Wow! Wonderful work! Take Care, Tori

Shhhhh - it's a secret!

OF COURSE you got compliments on it - its GORGEOUS!! And it looks fabulous on you!!!

Keep an eye out soon... I'm mailing your final (sniff sniff) package out on Monday or Tuesday. It's been so much fun being your pal, I'm sad to see this end!


Oh, my gosh, that looks *incredible*!!! Awesome job knitting it, and great job wearing it - it looks amazing on you!


looks fantastic!


The vest looks great! Looks like a lot of hard work went into it. Good job!


That turned out *fabulously*!

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